AP-ADE Park is an Advanced Design & Engineering (ADE) Industrial cluster designed to offer world class Economic & Social infrastructure, Manufacturing clusters, Innovation driven centres of excellence and Support facilities. Our solutions include -

  • Industrial plots:Our land parcels are modular by design and available at a minimum size of 1.22 acres and maximum of 100+ acres. We offer immediate possession of land with all approvals, infrastructure sanctions and clean government titles. Additionally, the plots are also available on lease.
  • Custom built prefabricated facilities: These made-to-order factories are designed as per customer’s specific needs. They are delivered to mutually agreed quality, timeline and cost.
  • Quality utilities: Each customer will have access to high quality uninterrupted Power, surplus Water, centralized STP, ETP, Storm Water drain, Solid Waste Management and Fire Water facilities. The utilities have been designed to be sustainable and scalable.
  • Logistics & Warehousing: Pre-fabricated warehousing facilities will be leased to customers of AP-ADE Park on priority and others.
  • Incubation center: This is a platform designed specifically to promote innovation & entrepreneurship in Aerospace, Strategic Electronics, Electronics System Design & Manufacturing, Water technologies and MSMEs. The incubation centre will house sector specific Centre of Excellence and bring Industry veterans, Academia, Government and Business mentors under one roof. AP-ADE also plans to build common Test facility and R&D centres.
  • UAV test zone: A test site has been earmarked post due diligence of the surrounding areas for VLOS & BVLOS testing of unmanned vehicles. We provide assistance in getting requisite test approvals from the local authorities.
  • Open & Green space: All plots within the park are well connected with 18m – 36m roads. Additionally, 33% of the entire park is maintained green, thus offering an experience different from the clutter usually associated with Industrial parks.
  • Security: Boots on ground, CCTV and additional security measures will be taken to ensure security of employees within the park.

In addition to this, AP-ADE offers social infrastructure such as Housing, Academia, Healthcare, Hotel, Retail and a Commercial complex. AP-ADE is built on the industrial township concept, similar to some of world’s leading science parks.

Andhra Pradesh Aerospace & Defence Electronics Park (AP-ADE)

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  • National Highway NH7
  • Location Anantapur, A.P.
  • Area 260 acres
[ind_about_details title=”Location and Connectivity”]Click here for the google coordinates of the park.

AP-ADE is strategically located an hour from Bangalore International Airport, in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. The park offers the dual advantage of living in Bengaluru while taking the benefit of low-cost structure of manufacturing at Anantapur. Bengaluru is the talent hub for Engineering and Manufacturing sectors like Aerospace, Electronics, Transportation, Space, Engineering and IOT. This is complemented by our tailor-made solutions designed to meet the need for trained manpower of a manufacturing facility.


The park abuts National Highway 44 (connecting Bangalore Hyderabad) and is located in one of the fastest growing industrial areas in the country. AP-ADE neighbours some of the world’s largest OEMs and DPSUs such as KIA Motors 1100 plus acre facility, and upcoming BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited) 900 acre facility.

There is surplus availability of shop floor and skilled labour in Anantapur, as there are a large number of colleges and educational institutes which are key source for quality manpower. There are ~ 19 Engineering Colleges, 29 ITI Institutes, 10 Polytechnic College, 37 BCA-MCA and MBA Colleges and around 110 Schools in the vicinity of AP-ADE. Additionally, 30% of Anantapur manpower who work in the neighbouring manufacturing industries, will be interested to relocate.[/ind_about_details]

[ind_about_details title=”Connectivity Details”][/ind_about_details]


Port Location Approx. Distance
Krishnapatnam Port Nellore 330 km
Chennai Port Chennai 375 km
Mangalore Port Mangalore 410 km
Kochi port Kochi 630 km


The nearest railway stations are Chakarlapalli railway station (12 KM) & Hindupur (30 KM). These offer connectivity to all key metro cities across the country.


Major Airports Approx. Distance
Bangalore International Airport 95 km/ an hours drive
Puttaparthi Airport 40 km / 30 mins drive
Tirupati Airport 250 km
Hyderabad International Airport 420 km
Chennai Airport 350 km
Coimbatore Airport 200 km
Mangalore Airport 400 km
[ind_about_details title=”Infrastructure”]Access to quality and reliable infrastructure is the fundamental requirement of a Manufacturer. However, we understand customer’s need to avoid the complexity of setting up the infrastructure from scratch and have accurate timelines and cost projections. Thus, AP-ADE offers well planned world-class infrastructure facilities as listed below. The customers have to tap into the existing facilities and build the design and internal infrastructure as per their requirement.[/ind_about_details]
[ind_about_details title=”Power”]We understand uninterrupted power supply is extremely crucial in the manufacturing industry. To aid this, AP-ADE will have a government maintained substation equipped with dual feeder inside the park, which will ensure 24X7 power supply.

The park will have a capacity of 60MW and power will be available at 132/33/11 kVA.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Water”]3.5 MLD water has been allotted to AP-ADE Park by the Andhra Pradesh Water resources department. The incoming water will be treated centrally within the park to different grades i.e., Potable, Industrial and Fire. Customers can tap into the existing water network and build their internal circuit as per their requirement.

Additionally, the park has a good supply of ground water, which will be used only when necessary.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Wastewater treatment – Sewage & Effluent”]Underground trenches will connect each industrial plot to the central Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) located within the park. The plant will be zero liquid discharge, and treated water will be utilised for gardening and cleaning shared spaces.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Storm water drain”]The park and the buildings will be designed to collect maximum amount of the storm water and dispose it in the drains. All the collected water will be released in existing culverts to recharge the aquifers, to ensure that the natural flow of water is unhampered.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Parking”]AP-ADE will have designated parking areas for visitors, buses, heavy vehicles, fire vehicles and the likes. Parking slots will be identified for cycles as well. Additionally, all customers will be mandated to have sufficient parking space within their campus.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Connectivity within the park”]The roads and circulation within the park have been planned with utmost care. The industrial and residential areas will have different access such that the traffic from one area does not impact the other. Plots will have good connectivity and will be connected through a main avenue road of 36m and internal roads of 18-25 m. There will be peripheral road for surveillance & monitoring of 6m width.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Telecom & Internet”]Keeping in mind the importance of digital technology, and the dependence on telecommunication in everyday life, the park will offer high-speed fiber optic internet, and strong Wi-Fi by some of the leading network providers. The customers will have all the facilities to set up and run their intranet networks.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Security”]The park will secure its perimeter with a boundary wall and necessary fencing, security check posts at identified locations. A security gate at the entrance manned by skilled & certified security personnel will guard the perimeter 24X7. All shared space will be continuously monitored through CCTVs, and security forces will carry out periodic surveys. Processes will be set in place to supervise the safety of residents, particularly women, all round the clock. [/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Landscape”]AP-ADE boasts 33% of open and green space, which is a rarity in many other industrial parks in India. This includes manicured gardens and parks, jogging and cycling tracks for the fitness enthusiasts, an open air theatre and community gathering space for entertainment purposes.[/ind_about_details][ind_about_details title=”Solid waste management”]AP-ADE has strict waste segregation policies and will handle different types of waste such as Non-hazardous dry and wet waste, differently. However, the park mandates all hazardous waste to be treated by the customer themselves.

AP-ADE is in continuous pursuit of identifying better technologies and methods of handling & reducing actual wastage.[/ind_about_details]